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Client Case Studies


This client has three independently owned Mathnasium centers and was looking for ways to grow center student numbers, retain and engage students and their parents, and set themselves apart from other Mathnasium franchises.

Client Case Studies

Mathnasium Learning Centers

Mathnasium is a supplemental math learning franchise consisting of over 1,000 learning centers in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. These centers provide math instruction to students in pre-kindergarten through high school. Our client owns three franchises in Central Texas.

Marketing Challenges

Owning a franchise of a nationally and internationally known company comes with it’s own set of marketing challenges. Corporate policies and regulations often tightly regulate what franchise owners can and can’t do with their corporate branding – leaving little wiggle-room for independent marketing expression. The problem comes in that most of the corporate marketing isn’t specific enough to the individual franchise, often creating advertising that could just as easily lead a potential client to a competing owner of the same franchise.

When Who-U-R Marketing first met with Dr. Faulkner, we took a holistic approach to see what areas of her marketing could be improved. Some of the resulting marketing goals included the following:

      • Grow learning center student numbers in specific geographical areas.
      • Help foster a closer relationship with her customers for the purposes of add-on sales, greater customer retention, and referral sales.
      • Create marketing more specific to her three learning centers in place of paying for marketing that contributed to the business of a competing Mathnasium franchise.

Marketing Solutions

Who-U-R Marketing was able to build upon Mathnasium’s existing corporate branding and develop franchise branding that was more individualized to her three centers while remaining within the corporate branding guidelines. This enabled potential clients to start associating certain branding specifically to her three centers.

Studies have proven that it takes 7-12 times of someone seeing your branding to remember you when your product or service is needed. Unless your branding is consistent in its feel and design, the count never reaches 7-12 because the potential customer doesn’t recognize that the different looking posts, brochures, or ads are actually one company.

Who-U-R Marketing was able to assist Mathnasium in fostering closer relationships with their student’s families through the implementation of a Branding Visibility Campaign. We create a monthly newsletter focusing on news, programs, and services that Mathnasium wishes its families and potential customers to be aware of.  The newsletter is then coupled with blogs and weekly posts on multiple social media networks that tie back to the monthly newsletter.

Beginning with an average monthly readership of 25%, Mathnasium’s newsletter readership now averages about 48%, which is 167% higher than the national average of 18%.

With three different centers, Dr. Faulkner faced the challenges associated with geographical demographics. One of her centers was doing much better than the other two. So the question became how to build business up within a specific geographic boundary? The answer involved a combination of creating awareness and strengthening relationships. people do business with those they “know, like and trust”.

Much of the “like, know, and trust” was being handled through Dr. Faulkner’s great instructors, uncompromising performance, and ongoing interaction with marketing such as the newsletter, blogs, and social media posts. Local awareness came through local events, neighborhood marketing (signage), and mailers.

70% of consumers say direct mail is more personal than online interactions. 54% of consumers say they want direct mail from brands that interest them. Direct mail open rates can reach up to 90% compared to an average of 18% with email.

Mathnasium’s student recruiting spiked after mailers were sent to targeted neighborhoods within specific financial demographics.

Programs were created in the centers that encouraged families to install yard signs for short amounts of time within the targeted geographical areas, creating additional local awareness.

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